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Grant program provided by California Department of Public Health, Contract #22-10190
Moving California Forward 2022-2027

Scope of Work for Local Oral Health Program


N-95 Fit testing may be arraigned for your office when and if time permits.  Please call and make an arraignment. 831-637-5367.


Brushing Programs for Schools

Brushing programs are ideal for all classrooms. They are easily managed and can be maintained by  teachers or school staff. R. O. Hardin School was formerly in a successful pilot program for brushing in classrooms, the teachers and children reported great results. The children whom were not brushing prior to school were actually reminding the teachers of the need to brush!

If you are interested in having a toothbrushing program on site at your school, please call. Due to limited workforce, the Oral Health Program is currently working on creating, “A toothbrush in a Box” program that can be sent to teachers so they may start the on-site program. Information about this will come in 2/2023. Please view these videos, which are similar to what it’s like.

Timer videos to use with kids (Elmo, Bluey, Minions, Pikachu):

Decay Rates for San Benito County

The decay rates for San Benito County at Kindergarten or ( 5 years-old) (2021 – 2022) are 52%, untreated decay rate is 39%, and children with urgent need of care is 53%, based on the SBC KOHA data collected from the State of California Oral Health Data Base. The 2022 – 2023 decay rates have been given at the Oral Health Advisory Committee meeting in February of 2023. If you  would like a break down of your school’s kindergarten class, please call us.


Kindergarten Oral Health Assessments

Lack of access to dental care is a problem for many California children. Dental disease is one of the most common reasons for school absences and makes it hard for children to concentrate and learn. Dental problems are the number one reason children miss school. The kindergarten dental assessment requirement, AB 1433, helps schools identify children suffering from untreated dental disease and helps parents establish a dental home for their children and prepares a student for learning and better success in school.

Kindergarten Oral Health Assessment, which is required by law (AB 1433), has been revised per Senate Bill 379 to improve oral health outcome data needed to measure the success of prevention and intervention programs. Oral health assessments are done right on site in the classroom by qualified dental personnel or LOHP RDH.

It does not matter if a child has a dentist or is being seen by one to be eligible for the Kindergarten Oral Health Assessments. This assessment allows for acquiring aggregate data, forming decay rates for our county, schools, and classrooms. It also allows the LOHP to identify disparities in our county and allows for monies to be allocated to the schools.

Dental Assessments

Dental Assessments and referral are done by appointment basis on Tuesdays at public health, by the Public Health Registered Dental Hygienist. If your community needs dental assessments and referral, please call and schedule. 831-637—5367

If you would like more information on the scope of work for the LOHP or information from the Office of Oral Health, please call us: 831-637-5367.

Medi-Cal Dental Information

All Medi-Cal dental information can be found here : , this is they’re official site.
If you still have questions, please call the Oral Health program at 831-637-5367.

Local Medical Dental Providers

Please call to get an up-to-date list.

Office of Oral Health Information

Perinatal Oral Health

The Oral Health Program is happy to share resources and assist with pregnant women and perinatal infant oral health. The office of Oral Health is requesting that babies have established a dental home by their first tooth or first birthday. This does not mean that the baby or small child is ready for an intro oral exam, but it means for a relaxed introduction and conversation with your dentist or dental hygienist on what are healthy tips and brushing suggestions, or food and drink suggestions. Getting to know the dental office can relax a child before their first visit. A ride in the chair and a getting to know your dentist or hygienist along with getting a toy or toothbrush is very helpful to reduce anxiety in a small child. Parents or caregivers can ask questions and get eating and drinking advice from the dental professionals.

Suggested Resources for Pregnant Women and New Moms:

Oral Health Advisory Committee

 The Oral Health Advisory Committee is made of community partners, schools personal, community members and dental professionals, and residents who bring in their unique perspective to the ADV Comm, and who’s commitment to the oral health of SBC residents. Ideas, and activities are exchanged freely as wells as the dissemination of information, and data. The ongoing efforts of the LOHP are also discussed and reviewed. Evaluation of the SBC OH Improvement Plan is also evaluated for further amendments. The committee meets quarterly. Please call and inquire about meeting dates, all are invited. 831-637-5367

California Community Water Fluoridation Fact Sheet

San Benito County Water

San Benito County does not have fluoridated water. The very small amounts naturally found are not enough to have any beneficial effect on teeth. Extra fluoride varnish and or Poly Vi Flor vitamins can be discussed with your dentist as an alternative.

A child in San Benito County may receive fluoride varnish 5 X in a year safely. 2 times at the dentist’s office and 3 X in a public health care setting or at a medical office if trained and certified. If you have more questions, please refer to the Department of Health Care Services.

Topical Fluoride Varnish Legislation

The law AB 667 expanded use in public health care setting is as follows:

If you are interested in getting certified to apply fluoride varnish in a public health care setting under the guidance of the Oral Health Program, call the Oral Health Program, and set up and appointment. 831-637-5367

The SBC Oral Health Programs is available to offer a few times a year and in the brushing programs at schools, free fluoride varnish. These events will be conducted through out the year at not charge to all residents of SBC. For information about upcoming event please look for social media flyers or call the Oral Health Program.

More information on Fluoride Varnish applications other than the dental setting:

Sugary Sweetened Beverages

Please visit this webpage on the HHSA website.

Tobacco Products Information

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