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Adult Oral Health

Although most adults now will be able to keep their teeth for their lifetime, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have to deal with oral health problems. The major risks for tooth loss are cavities and gum disease that may increase with age because of problems with saliva production. Other problems to be aware of are:
Untreated cavities. More than 1 in 4 (26%) adults in the United States have untreated tooth decay.
Gum disease. Nearly half (46%) of all adults aged 30 years or older show signs of gum disease; severe gum disease affects about 9% of adults.
Oral cancer. Oral cancers are most common in older adults, particularly in people older than 55 years who smoke and are heavy drinkers.
Chronic diseases. Having a chronic disease, such as arthritis, heart disease or stroke, diabetes, emphysema, hepatitis C, a liver condition, or being obese may increase an individual’s risk of having missing teeth and poor oral health.
Make sure you are brushing and flossing daily, being responsible about what you’re eating and drinking, limit sugars, erosive drinks, unhealthy habits like smoking and vaping.
Keeping visits with your dentist every 6 months for teeth cleanings, exams, and gum checks.
If your taking medications, make sure you are not suffering from dry mouth, talk to your dentist about the risks of dry mouth which causes more decay and gums disease.
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