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2020-03-31 New Extended and More Restrictive Shelter In Place Order Issued by San Benito County Health Officer

2020-03-31 Nueva Extendida Y Mas Restrictiva Orden de Quedarse en Casa Emitida pro el Oficial de Salud del Condado de San Benito

2020-03-31 Frequently Assked Questions – Shelter In Place Order

2020-03-31 Preguntas Frecuentes – Orden del Oficial de Salud de Quedarse en Casa

2020-03-27 Keeping your Distance from others to Decrease Transmission of COVID-19 We are not doing enough

2020-03-27 Mantener su distancia de los demás para disminuir la transmisión de COVID-19 No estamos haciendo lo suficiente

2020-03-18 Health Officer Community Message #2 about Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

2020-03-18 Del Oficial de Salud Mensaje a la Comunidad #2 sobre el Nuevo Coronavirus (COVID-19)

2020-03-17 San Benito County Reports First Death due to COVID-19

2020-03-17 El condado de San Benito informa primera muerte por COVID-19

2020-03-17 County Health Officer Issues Order

2020-03-17 Stay At Home Frequently Asked Questions

2020-03-17 Oficial de Salud del Condado de San Benito Emite Orden

2020-03-17 Quédese en casa excepto por necesidades esenciales

2020-03-17 Order of the Health Officer Shelter In Place

2020-03-13 COVID-19 Update for San Benito County

2020-03-13 Comunicado De Prensa San Benito County

2020-03-06 County of San Benito declares Local State of Emergency to prepare for impacts associated with the COVID‐19 (Novel Coronavirus)

2020-03-09 San Benito County Public Health Services Announces Aggressive Recommendations to Reduce the Spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

2020-03-09 Los Servicios de Salud Publica del Condado de San Benito Anuncian Recomendaciones Agresivas Para Reducir la Dispersion del Coronavirus (COVID-19)

2020-03-04 Health Officer message to community on COVID-19

2020-03-04 Un Mensaje a la Comunidad Del Oficial de Salud sobre el Nuevo Conronavirus COVID-19

2020-02-27 CDC Confirms Possible Instance of Community Spread of COVID-19 in U.S.

2020-02-07 2019 Novel Coronavirus FAQ’s

2020-02-07 2019 Nuevo Coronavirus (2019-nCov) Preguntas Frecuentes

2020-02-06 Influenza Outbreak in Skilled Nursing Facility

2020-02-06 Brote de influenza ha sido declarado en instalación de enfermería especializada local

2020-02-03 2019 Novel Coronavirus Patient Transferred Out of County for Medical Care

2020-02-03 2019 pacientes con nuevo coronavirus fueron transferidos fuera del condado para recibir atención médica

2020-02-02 Two cases of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

2020-02-02 Dos casos del nuevo coronavirus (2019-nCoV) confirmados en el Condado de San Benito

2020-01-29 SBC Public Health Monitors 2019 Novel Coronavirus


2019-12-24 Flu Spreads in California – get your FLU vaccine

2019-08-30 Flu Season is Around the Corner Protect Yourself by Getting a Flu Shot

2019-08-28 Severe Lung Injuries Associated with Vaping

2019-05-09 SBC Safe Kids Coalition Bike to School Day

2019-05-08 Rethink Your Drink : Make Healthy Beverage Choices

2019-04-18 San Juan Bautista ban on smoking in outdoor dining areas

2019-04-25 CDPH Urges Californians Traveling Internationally to be Fully Vaccinated against Measles

2019-04-25 CDPH a Conseja  a los Californianos que Viajan Internacionalmente a ser Vacunados contra el Sarampión

2019-04-19 Whooping Cough Death Reported of a California Infant

2019-03-20 National Public Health Week

2019-03-28 Spike in Influenza Activity

2019-03-07 Measles Case Confirmed in Neighboring Counties


2018-12-06 National Influenza Vaccination Week

2018-11-16 Wildfire Cause Unhealthy Air Quality – Stay Indoors & Limit Outdoor Activity

2018-09-28 Prevent the Flu this Season by Getting a Flu Shot

2018-08-13 Practice Traffic Safety as School Begins

2018-08-09 CA Wildfires Affecting Air Quality : Check air quality monitors for up-to-date information

2018-07-20 First Whooping Cough Death SP PR  (Spanish)

2018-07-20 First Whooping Cough Death PR 

2018-06-28 Two Lives Saved through Use of Naloxone

2018-06-26 Protect Yourself Against West Nile Virus

2018-06-13 Portable Toilets & Handwashing Stations in Hollister

2018-06-08 Summer Safety Steps to Keep You and Your Family Safe and Healthy

2018-05-18 ReThink Your Drink Day Hosted by Public Health Nutrition Program

2018-05-18 San Benito County Sues Opioid Manufacturers and Distributors for Opioid Epidemic

2018-05-18 The Health Department Departs Its Fourth Street Location

2018-05-08 May is Bicycle Safety Month

2018-04-27 New Campaign Targets Tobacco Industry’s Deceptive Marketing to Youth

2018-04-03 Public Health Week 2018

2018-01-29 Wild Mushroom Warning

2018-01-11 Two Deaths of San Benito County Residents from Influenza

2018-01-03 Increase in Reported Valley Fever Cases Locally and Statewide


2017-12-28 Influenza Outbreaks Declared in San Benito County

2017-11-16 SBC Public Health offers Food Safety Tips for Holiday Feasts

2017-11-14 County and City Officials Work Together to Prevent Hepatitis A Outbreak

2017-10-16 Tobacco Retailer Compliance in Hollister

2017-10-16 Raising the Awareness of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

2017-10-10 SBC Public Health Awarded $25,000 Grant to Address Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

2017-10-09 Prevent the Flu this season

2017-09-26 San Benito County works to prevent a local Hepatitis A outbreak

2017-09-22 Hepatitis A Virus Above Average Incidence of Infections

2017-09-01 West Nile Virus in San Benito County

2017-08-01 Pregnant Women Urged to Avoid Going to Areas with Zika Risk

2017-08-01 Se Les Notifica a Mujeres Embarazadas a Evitar Ir a Zonas con Riesgo de Zika

2017-06-29 Summer Safety

2017-06-08 Tobacco more available than milk in SBC

2017-06-06 California Department of Public Health – Salmonella Press Release

2017-05-26 Norovirus

2017-05-25 Summer Safety Tips

2017-04-02 Public Health Week

2017-02-28 Healthy Stores Healthy Community

2017-02-28 Dr Newel New Health Officer Appointed

2017-02-09 Zika Travelers Precautions

2017-01-13 Public Health Alert – Water Contamination

2017-01-13  de Salud Pública – La contaminación del agua





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