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Adult Protective Services (APS)

Each California County has an Adult Protective Services (APS) agency to help elder adults (65 years and older) and dependent adults (18-64 who are disabled), when these adults are unable to meet their own needs, or are victims of abuse, neglect or exploitation.  County APS agencies investigate reports of abuse of elders and dependent adults who live in private homes, apartments, hotels or hospitals.

Where to Get Help


If you want to report elder abuse or dependent adult abuse in the community, contact your local county APS Office.  For most types of abuse, County APS programs have 10 days to respond to your report.  Abuse reports may also be made to your local law enforcement agency.

San Benito County contact APS contact information

Public Assistance Division
1111 San Felipe Road-Suite 206
Hollister, CA 95023
(831) 636-4180
Fax: (831) 637-9754
TDD/TTY: (831) 634-4969

Mon-Fri 8AM – 5PM

Deputy Director
Maria C. Corona, MSW

The following forms are to assist you in filing your report of suspected dependent adult or elder abuse.  The following mailing options are as follow:

  1. Need info
  2. Need info
  3. Need info

For Whom

APS services are available to any elder (65 or older) or dependent adult who is believed to have been a victim of abuse, neglect or exploitation regardless of income at no cost.

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There are many types of abuse. Some of the more common types, with examples, are listed below.

Types of Abuse

  • Physical: e.g. Hitting, kicking, burning, dragging, over or under medicating
  • Sexual Abuse: e.g. Unwanted sexual contact, sexual exploitation, forced viewing of pornography
  • Abandonment: e.g. Desertion or willful forsaking by anyone having responsibility for care
  • Isolation: e.g. Preventing the individual from receiving mail, telephone calls, visitors
  • Financial: e.g. Theft, misuse of funds or property, extortion, duress, fraud
  • Neglect: e.g. Failure to provide food, clothing, shelter, or health care for an individual under one’s care when the means to do so are available.
  • Self-neglect: e.g. Failure to provide food, clothing, shelter, or health care for oneself.
  • Mental suffering: e.g. Verbal assaults, threats, causing fear.

Warning Signs

These are some possible warning signs that abuse might be occurring to an older or disabled adult or that the individual is at increased risk for abuse.  If you observe some of these occurring with an older or disabled adult you know, consider alerting County Adult Protective Services.

  • Explanation for an injury is inconsistent with its possible cause
  • Recent changes in the elder or dependent adult’ s thinking; seems confused or disoriented
  • The caregiver is angry, indifferent, or aggressive toward the elder or dependent adult
  • Personal belongings, papers, or credit cards are missing
  • The elder appears hesitant  to talk openly
  • Lack of necessities, such as food, water, utilities, medications and medical care
  • The caregiver has a history of substance abuse, mental illness, criminal behavior or family violence
  • Another person’s name added to the client’s bank account or important documents, or frequent checks made out to cash


Protective Services Division

1111 San Felipe Road
Suite 205
Hollister, CA 95023

(831) 636-4190

Fax: (831) 637-2910

TDD/TTY:  (831) 634-4969


Mon-Fri  8AM – 5PM

Deputy Director

Tracey Belton

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